Boiler Finance for Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties

At KS we can offer a range of finance solutions for any Gas, Plumbing and Heating work over £500!

Pay as little or as much as you like – with an average minimum around £30 a month.
You could be the proud owner of a state-of-the-art, top-end, high-efficiency, A-rated boiler for as little as £30 a month.

A Typical Boiler Finance Deal

Total purchase price: £2000
Deposit of 10%: £200
Loan Amount: £1800
12 Repayments at 0% APR: £150

All our rates and terms are as follows:
– 0% APR over one year
– 9.9% APR over two – three years
– 12.9% APR over four – five years

What Do I Get?

An average combination boiler installation would include the following:

  • Ideal logic+ A rated high efficiency boiler.
  • 7 day intergrated programmable thermostat.
  • Magnetic filter.
  • Chemical Flush and system inhibitor dosing.
  • Installation and commissioning by a Gas Safe registered installer.
  • Gas safe installation certificate.

Why Upgrade To A-Rated Efficiency?

A new A-rated boiler can save you money because the higher efficiency boiler will lower your energy bills. Install a new high-efficiency boiler and a general rule of thumb is that it will save you the money it costs to purchase within 5 years. If you install a boiler with a 10-year warranty after the boiler has paid for itself in gas savings you will be saving money for the remainder of that boiler’s life and have peace-of-mind with the warranty cover.

Full Central Heating Finance

We also offer finance on full central heating systems. The boiler finance would cover:

  • Radiators
  • Boilers
  • All associated pipework
  • Controls
  • Cylinders

So whatever you need to get installed, we have a boiler finance solution for you.


As a Ideal approved installer KS can offer you a standard 7 year warranty on all Logic+ and 10 years on Vogue models.

The great warranties available offer the following benefits:

  • Full cost of parts and labour
  • Peace of mind
  • No need for expensive breakdown contracts
  • No unforeseen expense

Boilers on Finance – Payments

KS’s boiler finance options have something for everyone on any budget;

  • Every installation varies: the term of finance, the amount and any deposit paid are all factors.
  • Pay as big or small a deposit as you like.
  • Pay as little or as much as you like a month with a average minimum around £30.
  • Take boiler finance out over a term of up to 10 years.
  • Re-pay the full amount any time you wish and you only incur a charge of 2 months interest.

Boiler Finance – Boiler Grants And Boiler Replacement Schemes

Putting your boiler on finance is the cheap solution for households who want a brand new boiler however don’t have the financial means to buy a boiler replacement upfront.
Some even provide a extended term, all-inclusive package consisting of boiler, maintenance, installation and servicing prices bundled up into one simple to manage low fixed monthly payment without extra prices.

Having a boiler grant spreads the prices of having a new boiler installed and maintained so that you only pay a fixed amount every month. This can allow households to upgrade to an innovative highly economical boiler without having to pay in full upfront. Having a new boiler will also require less energy to run more efficiently, so it also allows you to save money on your gas bill at the same time. Different plumbing companies will offer a variety of packages that make use of flexible payment plans to fit your own monthly budget and timelines. They also provide the installation service costs within the package and a registered gas safe engineer will install the new system.

Some exclusive packages for customers have no upfront payment and a fixed low monthly payment over twelve years. The package includes all parts and labour, no call-out or excess fees, annual servicing, 24/7 unlimited call-out support, same day emergency service, full heating system flush and a lifetime guarantee.

Replacing your previous gas boiler with a brand new boiler can cut back your energy bills, in some cases by up to 40% a year. Considering the reduction in household emissions, it’s undoubtedly going to be a good investment in the long run. Depending on your circumstances, there are many choices on the market to help you benefit from a boiler replacement. Here are the most common ways of paying for a brand new boiler.

1. Pay for it Upfront
Whether or not you raid your savings or offload the cost onto a personal credit card finding the money to get your new boiler upfront is easier said than done. The average price of installing a boiler replacement can range from £1500 up to £2,500 or more; it’s certainly not low cost to buy a brand new energy economical boiler. Frankly, given the cost involved, paying for a boiler in one payment isn’t an option for everybody. However if you can afford to it’s clearly the better choice. Taking out money and paying in instalments means that you’ll pay more for it in the end.

2. Finance Deals
If you don’t have the financial means to get a boiler replacement upfront, there’s always finance. After all, when it involves costly purchases, for many individuals buying something on finance isn’t just an option; it’s usually the only option, particularly when money is very tight. And boilers aren’t any exception. Though you have got to be careful of high interest rates, having the ability to pay off your purchase monthly is an option for budget conscious households already struggling to pay money for utility bills, food and meet monthly rent or mortgage payments. However if you are going into this boiler finance scheme, you’ll be tied into what can be a really lengthy contract.

An alternative to simple finance is to bundle all of your boiler, maintenance, installation and servicing prices up into one straightforward to manage, low fixed monthly payment without any upfront costs. You don’t just get the newest boiler and a complete central heating system flush, this pay monthly scheme means that all components and labour are inclusive.
One important factor to remember: with these kind of finance schemes, if you choose to move home you’ll still be tied in to making the payments for the length of the finance agreement.

3. Apply For A Boiler Replacement Grant
If you receive benefits like pension credit and working tax credit you would possibly be able to get a boiler replacement through the Energy Company Obligation. This scheme was first introduced by the government in 2013, and states that energy supplier’s can give brand new energy efficient boiler replacements to households in England, Wales and Scotland who meet the eligibility criteria.

First introduced as the free boiler scheme, candidates eligible for the affordable warmth element of ECO are needed to make a contribution, which will depend upon how energy efficient their existing boiler and home is. Because it stands, only about 10% can qualify for a completely free new condensing boiler. To be eligible for a boiler replacement grant you need to be a house owner or rent privately.

Having a boiler that runs safely and efficiently is essential to having a functioning household. For many homeowners paying for a replacement is not within their budget, which is why boiler financing can be a good alternative.

KS GAS Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority- license no 620676.
KS GAS Ltd acts as a credit intermediary and only offers credit products from pay4later and Secure Trust Bank plc.
Credit provided subject to age and status.

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