Boiler Repair for Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties

KS provide a 24 hours a day Boiler Repair Service that is second-to-none - we diagnose the problem honestly and then give you a fair price for the repair.

Our transparent pricing policy means that you will only pay for the time we are actually working.

We constantly attend Manufacturer’s courses to stay up-to-date with Fault-Finding Techniques and Common Faults.
This means that you have peace of mind that your problem will be diagnosed and fixed quickly without massive cost to yourself.

Boiler Maintenance – Free Boiler Tip!

Modern condensing boilers produce waste water (condensate). This water needs to fall away to a drain. Sometimes these condensate drain pipes freeze when the pipe has been installed with a bad fall or a pipe that is to small.

If this happens the boiler will lock out to avoid any damage being caused.

Emergency Boiler Repair

KS offer an emergency boiler repairs service that covers the whole of Greater London, Essex, north Kent, east Surrey and surrounding areas.

Some repairs may not be as easy to solve yourself and may require you to contact a professional. Some cases are urgent and require an emergency boiler repair service. If you are not insured and have an emergency boiler repair issue, such as a boiler breakdown, leakage or some kind of central heating system problem, you should contact KS immediately! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the high level of customer service and extremely reasonable pricing of our emergency boiler repair service.

If you are insured will have these emergency boiler repairs covered. KS can help you with your claim by dealing directly with your insurance company and we will invoice them directly saving you the hassle of having to jump through all the hoops that insurance companies insist on! Read about our insurance repair service to find out more.

Emergency boiler repairs may call for the replacement of a pump, pipes or a thermostat. However, the damage done may not be fixable and you may need a boiler replacement. This will also be taken care of by KS if we are called to tend to the emergency. We will of course provide you with a quote and list of parts needed to fix damages.

Boiler Repair Costs

Time, Task And Price

First Hour – Usually used for fault finding – Appointment £69 + VAT. After this hour we either fix the fault, or if parts are required we will give you an estimate.

Hourly rate after first hour – If for any reason we have not located the fault within the first hour and additional time is needed this charge will apply £69 + VAT.

Emergency call-out hourly rate – £120 + VAT.

Don’t Panic – Most boilers are fixed within the first hour!

Boiler Repair Information

Boilers are efficient machines and they should stay that way, providing they’re maintained properly. The majority of manufacturers suggest having them maintained a minimum of once a year.

There are few people tuned in to what exactly is covered by a boiler service, as well as what it entails and what it costs. The cost can vary depending on company, with some being less-expensive than others. One thing to remember is the distinction between being charged for an ‘Annual Safety Check’ (often much cheaper) and an ‘Annual Service’. Despite what some sales people claim, these two services are completely different.

The safety check is for checking the boiler for leaks and excess emissions. It’ll not determine any worn parts inside the boiler, or any problems with the boiler that are likely to cause a failure in the short term.

What Is Involved In A Boiler Repair Service?

A boiler repair service is much more comprehensive. It involves disassembling the boiler, checking wear and tear on a range of elements, the pipework, the flue, and emissions. It’ll identify any potential issues that may arise to arise, and any elements that have the possibility of breaking. During this service, certain components could also be replaced, like the nozzle in an oil boiler.

Having a boiler serviced once a year is much like having a car serviced each year. A boiler’s service is meant for the exchange of wearable components, to prevent boiler breakdown, and to prolong the life of your boiler, as well as making sure the unit is running efficiently. Having a boiler serviced can greatly cut back the probability of it failing when you need it. Every year, many of us are hit by boiler failures during the winter.

Gas Boiler Repairs

There are some common boiler problems that can be quickly fixed without calling a professional. If you feel comfortable with handling your central heating system, there are a few problems that can be fixed, such as;

Radiators Not Heating Up – If your radiator is cold at the top and hot t the bottom, it may be due to a build-up of air, an issue with the pump, or rust in the pipes. To solve this, you can bleed your radiators to get rid of the air trapped inside the system.

A Noisy Boiler – Kettling is caused by a build-up of limescale in the heat exchanger. Banging, whistling pipes and rumbling can be caused by limescale or air in the system. You can solve this by bleeding your radiator or calling a professional for a powerflush.

Pilot Light Keeps Going Out – You may have a faulty thermocouple or damaged seals. This problem is best solved by calling a professional.

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