Central Heating Controls

We can help you make your heating system more energy efficient and save you money!

At KS Gas we fit only the best traditional manual and modern smart heating controls so we can cover all your needs.

KS is your number one choice for all central heating controls as we can offer a cost-effective service through our team of fully trained and certified engineers. Get in touch for a free quote now.

Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves And Control Center

Smart control centres allow you to manage temperatures of individual radiators and rooms from one spot.

This gives you a greater degree of controls for keeping specific rooms at the right temperature for their use. Not to mention making your system more energy efficient and saving you money!

They can be used on any heating system.

Wireless Thermostats

A simple wireless thermostat is a cost effective way of making your heating system more efficient and user friendly. Wireless thermostats come in both programmable ( built in timer) and manual (only come on when you physically turn it on).

It also allows you to use your thermostat as a remote control for your boiler any where in the house.

They can be used on both combi boilers and system boilers.


Programmers are generally found on heating systems that incorporate a cylinder either unvented or vented.

They can be used to control different zones in large homes and also allow you to choose whether your boiler is heating your radiators or your water.

Wiring Controls

Wiring controls is not simple and a high level of understanding is required. At KS Gas all our heating engineers are gas safe registered and time served, meaning there is not a lot they haven’t seen before.

So rest assured we can can your heating system and boiler running efficiently and they you want it.

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