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Central Heating Maintenance

We operate a complete central heating maintenance service in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas. KS is your number one choice for Central Heating Maintenance; we offer a wide complete solution through our team of fully trained and gas safe engineers.

We are a specialist central heating maintenance company, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you'd expect from a leader in the field. Our aim is to provide you with a competitive price for a service that meets your needs fully, while maintaining our dedication to customer service.

Having your central heating regularly serviced and maintained will keep your bill lower as your central heating system will run more efficiently, so get in touch for a free quote to see how we can help you.


Pump and valve replacement and service

Unvented Systems

High pressure, economical water supply


Protect your system and save money on bills

Central Heating Systems

There are different types of central heating systems that you can have installed in your home. The type of boiler installation you choose will depend on your house and lifestyle. There are three main types of central heating systems.

Conventional Heating System

This is the standard heat-only system. It is made up of a hot water storage tank and a central heating system feed tank which is installed in the loft of the house. It also requires a hot water cylinder, which holds a large amount of water that is available immediately. When the water supply has been used up, the cylinder needs to be reheated and this could take up to an hour.

It is considered the least efficient since heat loss in the pipes can occur. This type of system is best for houses that use large amounts of hot water at once, houses that have two or more bathrooms, properties with an old boiler system and areas where the water pressure is low.

System Boiler Heating System

System boilers come in two varieties, an un-vented high pressure system and a vented low pressure system. Both systems require a hot water cylinder.

Vented pressure systems need a storage tank but most of the other components are built into the unit, so installation is cheaper and quicker. As well as this, the hot primary water is passed through system to the radiators and hot water cylinder which makes for a more economical running cost and a faster response.

Un-vented system boilers incorporate all the components of a sealed system that includes the pressure release valve and pressure gauge, so a feed tank isn’t nessesarry.

These types of heating systems are a good option for houses with more than one bathroom. Since there is no need for a feed or expansion tank, this type of system is suitable for homes that have little or no space in their loft. Having a system boiler eliminates the worry of frost damage or leakage from the feed tank. It also allows a constant hot water supply to any number of taps at a time.

Combi Boiler Systems

Combination boiler heating systems are the most common installation used in central heating systems because they run on the mains water pressure so they don’t need a feed tank in the loft, so cost of installation is cheaper due to less pipework being needed.

Running on the mains water pressure allows you to get a powerful jet of water for your shower without needing a pump. The need for a hot water cylinder is also eliminated because a combi boiler system heats the water at the mains, so it doesn’t need to be stored in a cylinder.

Running a combi is a cost-effective and energy-efficient process and there is less equipment to maintain. Many boiler breakdown and servicing contracts offer an range of options, such as repairs for central heating, plumbing and drains. Some even cover your electrical wiring. In general, the more cover you have, the higher your monthly fee.

Choosing the right policy for you depends on your circumstances. If your boiler heats both your water and your house, you may want to include central heating with your cover – this will include protection for your radiators.

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