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Central Heating Systems

We operate a complete central heating systems service in Greater London, Essex, North Kent, East Surrey and the surrounding areas. KS is your number one choice for Central Heating Repair, Installation and Servicing. We offer a wide range of services through our team of fully trained and gas safe engineers.

We are a specialist central heating systems installation and service company, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you'd expect from a leader in the field. Our aim is to provide you with a competitive price for a system that meets your needs fully, while maintaining our dedication to customer service.

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Pump and valve replacement and service

Unvented Systems

High pressure, economical water supply


Protect your system and save money on bills

Are Your Radiators Getting Hot Enough?

If you feel your radiators are not getting hot enough first try bleeding them to remove any air. If still you have cold patches, most commonly at the bottom, you could need a Powerflush!

Black water when bleeding the rad is another good indicator. This sludge can damage your boiler and any valves or pumps in your central heating systems, which means if left unattended it could be quite costly in the future.

It is often better to tackle the problem early with a powerflush then add some magnetic protection and inhibitor. For full details on Powerflushing and our prices, check out our Powerflushing page.

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Central Heating Protection

Magnetic Filtration

Having a magnetic filtration unit fitted to your central heating system can really save you thousands in the long run. By keeping all the sludge (iron oxide) out of your boiler, radiators and pipes it benefits you in more than one way:

  • Stops boiler breakdowns / prolongs boilers life.
  • Allows your system to operate more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.
  • Allows water to move freely through the pipes and radiators to heat the rooms faster.
  • Reduces need for pumps and valves being replaced.


After doing a boiler or central heating install we always put inhibitor in the system as standard.

If you have not had any added to your system however, it is much more likely to be making sludge at a much faster rate. Therefore we always advise dosing your heating system if you are unsure if it has been done.

Scale Reducers

Scale reducers are very good way of protecting your systems against limescale, and are highly recommended in hard water areas. They can be put on the cold water main into the house ensuring all appliances and taps are protected.

When having a combi boiler fitted, it is highly advisable to get a scale reducer fitted as it has a cold main running into it. The scale reducer therefore protects all the working parts within the boiler. This is a cheap and effective way to reduce limescale.

Central Heating Pumps

Central Heating Pumps

Central heating pumps are the heart of the heating system. Without them moving the water around effectively nothing will work.

KS Gas can supply and fit pumps for any size of heating system and boiler. All supplied and fitted at very competitive rates.

A good pump can really make the difference between a reliable heating system and one that not.

Motorised Valves

Motorised valves (zone valves) are used on central heating systems to control what the boiler heats, water or radiators. They are generally found on systems that incorporate a cylinder and heat only or system boiler, although you can also see them on systems with a combi boiler in conjunction with underfloor heating.

The two main types are 2 port valves and 3 port valves. Generally two 2port valves will indicate you have a s-plan heating system and single 3 port valve would indicate a Y-paln heating system.

KS Gas are competent at diagnosing a faulty valve in quick time and changing it for a new one with little fuss, taking care of both plumbing and electrical connections.

Shower Pumps

KS Gas can supply and fit shower pumps for any demand. Whether you would like to supply 3 bathrooms or 1 we have the answer.

Shower pumps are usually used on systems using open vent copper hot water cylinders, as these systems are gravity fed and sometimes pressure can be pretty poor.

We can boost the whole house or just one bathroom the choice is yours.

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