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Commercial Boiler Installation and Repair

KS operate a complete Commercial Boiler Installation Service in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties. All installations are in compliance with IGEM/UP/10 Edition 3 and the Clean Air Act.

KS is your number one choice for all commercial boiler installations as we can offer a wide range of services through our team of fully trained and certified engineers.

We are Gas Safe Registered, Fully Insured and all our work is guaranteed and certified correctly and in accordance with building regulations.



We install commercial gas boilers any size, anywhere!

Commercial Boilers – Ventilation and Interlocks

There are many different types of chimney flueing depending on what appliances you decide to have installed. For instance if you have a boiler room on the ground floor with multiple boilers, running individual flues up and away to comply with the clean air act would take a lot of time and money not to mention look ugly.

In this case we usually fit a flue dilution system like the one in the picture. This dilutes the harmful flue gases so much that you can then discharge the products of combustion at ground level.

All flue systems are designed specifically for your installation needs and in compliance with IGEM/UP/10 edition 3 and the Clean Air Act.

With so many appliances working together it is very important to have system safety controls such a interlock.

An interlock would turn a appliance off in the event of ventilation or flueing failure, gas supply interruption etc. To put it simply if a part of the system that relies on another part of the system to run safely stops working the interlock will turn off the other part.

Interlocks are a required on most commercial installations and again design specifically to your installation.

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Gas Valves, Burners And Fans

Often when you think a commercial boiler has had its day it hasn’t!

Commercial boilers have many interchangeable parts such as gas valves, fans and burners. Often these parts need servicing and checking for deterioration.

So sometimes by changing the burner assembly you are pretty much getting a new commercial boiler as far as the gas side of things are concerned.

So again we will always make a honest assessment of your current boiler and give you the best solution.

Commercial Boiler Servicing

It’s the same as anything, the better you look after something the longer it last. And the same goes for Commercial boilers. It is law that a commercial appliance be safety checked every year, my advise is to always get it serviced at the same time.

A service includes:

  • Safety devices and controls check
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Cleaning of the combustion chamber
  • Flue Check and ventilation check
  • Operating pressures checked
  • Burner assembly checked for movement and correct installation
  • At the end of a service you will be given a full written report by the commercial gas engineer

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