Commercial Gas Safety Certificate Inspection

KS Gas offer a complete Commercial Gas Safety Inspection Service in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties.

KS is your first choice for Commercial Gas Safety Inspections. We have a team of fully trained and gas safe engineers who can complete your gas safety inspection.

KS Gas is a specialist Commercial Gas Safety Inspection Service, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you'd expect from a leader in the field.

The Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998 state that if you employ others or even maintain a place of work where only you are employed, you are responsible for ensuring that any gas pipework, appliance or flue is maintained and looked after in a way that prevents any risk of injury.

KS Gas will inspect all aspects of your commercial gas installation to make sure it is compliant with the gas safety regulations.

We will then issue you with a certificate covering that gas installation for 12 months until the inspection is due again.

Why do you need to carry out a commercial gas safety certificate inspection every year?

It’s the law – any place of work must have an annual commercial gas safety certificate inspection.

You have a duty of care towards your employees safety.

Many things might change during a 12 month period meaning the installation may have slipped into an unsafe state. It’s always best to highlight any such changes as soon as possible, through routine inspection, and rectify.

Gas Safety Certificate Inspections Save You Money!

A commercial gas appliance burning at the wrong rate can not only be dangerous but also cost you a lot of money on your gas bill. Regular checks will in the end save you money!

KS Gas can offer you a commercial gas safety certificate inspection and service plan that would not only keep you upto date with your gas safety inspections but would also introduce regular servicing.

The regular gas servicing would mean your appliance would be less likely to breakdown.

In the unlikely event that they should break-down however, as a member of KS Gas’s plan you would receive preferential rates on repairs and a guaranteed fast-response time.

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