Commercial Plumbing Service Plans and Facilities Management

KS Gas provide a complete Commercial Plumbing Servicing and Facilities Management Service that supports the core business operations for businesses.

As your facility manager, KS will take care of Fire Safety Arrangements, Ventilation, Temperature Control, Toilets and Drinking Water.

We are Gas Safe Registered, Fully Insured and all our work is Guaranteed and Certified correctly and in accordance with building regulations.

As well as commercial plumbing services KS Gas also offer facilities management.

As your facility manager KS will ensure that the business or organisation is being provided with a range of functions and services that support the core business operations. For example, as your facility manager KS will take care of fire safety arrangements, ventilation, temperature control, toilets and drinking water.

There is also the managing of health and safety of the people in the building, security, testing and inspections, cleaning and the operation of the building to consider.

Who Needs A Facility Manager?

Businesses should have a FM team to ensure that the support needed to run the business efficiently is available in the right form, at the right quality and for the right cost. It takes a lot of building and safety responsibilities off your organisation’s workload so you can focus on working. It is also a cost-effective solution to companies that have no expertise in risk management and facilities consultancy. All the planning, communication and management of facilities within the building will be managed for you.

Benefits Of Facilities Management

Each business is different and so have slightly different requirements – at KS we will tailor our service to the requirements of each business to provide a bespoke service.

This increases efficiency as your employees can focus on their specific jobs knowing that KS have got them covered.

Apart from the efficiency, other benefits that are provided by contract facility managers can include reducing the business owner’s liability related to personnel. By contacting a firm to outsource company management of facilities, it can reduce the owner’s involvement in the staffing, training, employee benefits, worker grievances and compensation expenses.

Plumbing Service Plans

Plumbing services are needed anywhere people need to access water or gas. Across your lifetime, these repairs, servicing and maintenance costs will add up and cost you more than it should. The best solution to this problem is to get a KS plumbing service plan. This insurance cover plan can cover many types of plumbing services and again it will depend on the business requirements as to which package you need.

A good plumbing service insurance plan will include an annual boiler service and boiler care cover plans can range from boilers and controls, central heating, drains.

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