Consumer Units and Fuse Boxes Fitted in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties

KS are experts at fitting Modern Consumer Units and there are many practical and safety benefits gained from having a Modern Consumer Unit fitted!
We are fully insured, registered and qualified to work on your electrics which makes us the name you can trust for all your domestic electrical work.

KS is a specialist domestic electrical company, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you’d expect from a leader in the field.

The presence of Residual Current Device (RCD) makes your installation a lot safer and means it will trip in milli-seconds to prevent electric shock in case of a fault.

Resettable Mini Circuit Breakers (MCB) will trip in case of over loading, preventing damage to your appliances and fire.

Also the fact it is a full sealed unit means little fingers cant get into places they shouldn’t.

When we replace an old fuse box, with a consumer unit, every circuit will be tested for insulation and continuity to make sure their in good shape.

Also we will test your earthing arrangements to ensure you are well protected. At the end of the job you will be issued with all the correct certificates.

Consumer Units for Garage or Home Office

It is very common for people to want a power supply in a remote building away from the main dwelling, such as a home office, work shop, home gym or garage.

This needs to be installed properly in a safe manner. Some DIYer’s decide to T-off an existing circuit in the home or run a new circuit from the consumer unit in the home. This is not the way to do it and is unsafe!

So please give us a call for a free site visit to discuss the safe way of carrying out this installation.

Consumer Units Prices

All homes are different and therefore have different circuits and requirements. So give us a call and get your free site visit and gain a full survey and written estimate.

Old Fuse Boxes

Old fuse boxes may have done their job for years. But the fact is there not as safe, or as user friendly as a consumer unit and in many cases made dangerous by people putting a fuse or fuse wire in that is to big thus creating a fire hazard.

This cannot happen in the new consumer units as you simply reset the MCB, no need to replace anything.

Also on old fuse boxes you are dependant on the earthing being correct all over the house to stop electric shock, in a lot of cases its not. On new consumer units RCD’s protect you.

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