Drainage Solutions for Essex, London, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties

KS Gas, Plumbing And Heating are drainage experts – We can help you with above-ground drainage and underground drainage when you have blocked pipes or other issues.

We can also install macerators to alleviate problems when neither above nor below ground drainage are options - we have a solution for every issue!

Get in touch with KS today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your drainage problems are about to be fixed!

Above Ground Drainage Systems

All the water that goes down the plug hole needs to go some where. And if your above ground drainage is no installed correctly you could be constantly dealing with blockages. These pipes are often known as your “soil” and “drain” pipes.

A lot of the older materials such as cast iron are out of date now. All new installations are carried out in plastic.

We are experienced plumbers and have a wide knowledge of the subject and have many solutions for every problem.

Underground Drainage Systems

If you need your drainage renewed or replaced look no further because KS are experts at below ground drainage installations!

If you’re having an extension built or adding bathrooms you may need extra drainage, in which case we can help. With all work carried out to the letter of building regulations you can be assured our work is of the highest standard.

If you have had problems with constant blockages you may need to replace a section.

Drain Blockages

Most drain blockages can be dealt with a simple rodding.

If after 1 hour we can’t clear the blockage with rods, we will discuss your options. We wont just carry on pointlessly whilst charging you for it!

Removing blockages in above ground drainage vary in price.


KS Gas are experts at installing macerators. A macerator is a waste water pump; they are used when conventional gravity drainage systems are not a option.


  • Cheaper than major conventional drainage works.
  • Less disruption and damage to property.
  • Move waste water greater distances with out the need for big pipes.
  • Saniflo is the market leader and have a wide range, for all purposes.

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