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You may live in a property without a gas supply, or maybe you are looking for a long term solution as gas prices rise and stockpiles dwindle. Well, good news; there are many electrical solutions to heat your home and water;

- Storage heaters.
- Electric boilers.
- Electric heating.
- Electrical tail rails.
- Warm air heaters.
- Electrical water heating cylinders.

We cover London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties, so if you need electric boilers in London, electrical tail-rail in Essex or a storage heater in Kent look no further!

 Electric Boilers

If you live in a property without a gas supply but don’t want storage heaters this is the option for you.

Having this system would allow you to have a wet central heating system and an unvented hot water store in exactly the same way you would with a gas boiler.

A gas and electrical system of this type operate in exactly the same way only difference is the heat is produced by electricity rather than gas being burnt.

As qualified heating engineers and electricians KS are one of the few installers that can offer this system with full certification and guarantee.

Storage Heaters And Tail-Rails

Often it is not practical to run central heating pipes into locations without damaging existing flooring and decoration.

Electrical tail-rails can therefore in some circumstances be a great solution as there is no need to run central heating pipes.

Storage heaters are usually used in smaller properties. An advantage of storage heaters is no need for pipework and if one goes wrong all the others will still work, unlike a wet system where radiators get heated through pipework from the boiler.

Storage heaters also come in some very stylish and modern designs to match everyones taste and decor.

Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems use electrical energy which is then converted into heat. Many common household appliances such as an electric cooker, water heating and space heating as well as industrial processes involve using electric heating.

An electrical heater works as an electrical device that converts electric current to heat, which eliminates the need to burn gas. Inside every electric heater is an electrical resistor. It works by converting an electric current from electric energy into heat energy when it passes through the resistor.

An alternative to the resistor would be a heat pump. It uses an electric motor to drive and power a refrigeration cycle. A refrigeration cycle absorbs and extracts heat from the outside air, the ground or ground water and moves that collected heat into the space that needs to be heated.

Electric Heating And Electric Boilers

The standard gas boilers are not as efficient as electric boilers especially old gas boilers, since they wear overtime and become less efficient. Having a brand new gas boiler will still not run as efficiently as an electric boiler. For this reason, more and more homeowners and landlords are upgrading the old gas heating systems to an electric heating system. Having an electric boiler is a reliable fast way to heat up your home whilst also providing a hot water supply.

An electric combination boiler is a great alternative to replace an old gas or oil fuel boiler. It is suitable for homes that have no extra storing space for the tanks. Electric combi boilers are made in a range of different sizes and can be placed conveniently in the kitchen or laundry cupboard of your house. Electric boilers provide a cleaner, more environmentally conscious solution since it will not leave a carbon footprint and saves energy and money because it only heats up water on demand.

Electric Central Heating

The most cost-effective form of electric central heating uses storage heaters. These use electricity supplied at night time which is cheaper. Night storage heaters slowly give out heat and are designed to keep warm for the whole day. This electricity can also provide hot water.

The advantages of having a house with an electric central heating system include the fast and easy installation. There is no need for pipework or a flue like a gas powered system, which makes it cheaper to install. As well as the installation costs, electric heating systems have very few moving parts, which means there is very little maintenance involved and they do not need to be serviced as often as gas heating systems. In addition to this, mains electricity is available everywhere in the UK, unlike gas.

Some cons of having an electric heating system include the price of running the system. Electricity prices are about three times higher than gas per unit of energy. As well as this, they may take longer to heat up.

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