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KS Gas operate a fast-response Emergency Plumber call-out service that aims to be at your door within a maximum of 90 minutes following your call.

KS Gas Engineers are fully-qualified, Gas Safe registered, and highly experienced - there's nothing we haven't seen before so we have a solution to every problem!

Contact KS Gas today to solve all your emergency plumbing issues quickly and safely!

Minimising Emergency Plumbing Damage

We all rely on an efficient water supply to function properly. However, plumbing emergencies are more common than we realise. Sometimes, we don’t notice the damages in our properties water system until it turns into a defect or the part in the system is damaged.

When you find water in places that it does not belong, such as running on the floors or leaking from the ceiling, ignoring the problem can cause further damages to your property that can be costly to fix.

Because there are pipes running through your home that transport the water supply from the mains, any defected parts in your water system will likely damage the property around it.

The key to preventing further water damage is to act quickly and contact KS’s Emergency Plumbing Service to repair the damage.

Emergency Plumbing – What Could Be Causing Your Issue?

A Clogged Drain

Drains are in almost constant use and often you use your drains so often that you don’t realise how much dirt is stuck down in those drain pipes! As well as this, you don’t usually see the inside of the pipes, so you are left unaware of the amount of build-up that is actually collecting in the drain.

If your drain starts to overflow and back up out of the sink, it can easily become a problem. Sometimes you can remove the blockage yourself; however calling a KS emergency plumber will make the process more efficient as we have the knowledge and tools to fix the problem.

Frozen Taps And Pipes

It is not uncommon for people to experience frozen taps and pipes during the coldest parts of winter. You will be able to tell if your pipes are frozen as the water stops flowing through the pipes to the taps in your home. Outside taps will be visibly frozen too.

Instead of trying to heat the pipes up yourself, you should call KS who know the correct procedure to use to thaw out the pipes without damaging them, as well as insulate them to prevent them from freezing in the future.

Busted Pipe

This problem definitely requires you to act fast! Depending on which pipe and the location of the pipe, you may be at risk of a large amount of water pouring into your home and damaging your possessions.

Rather than trying to temporarily patch it up yourself, you should call KS and our emergency plumbing service will be there in no time to replace the pipe.

Overflowing Toilet

A clogged toilet is not the most glamorous job to take care of and fortunately considering how often toilets are used, the constant flushing doesn’t make the bowl overflow too often. However when there is a problem of this nature it can get nasty! As most people don’t know how a toilet operates, getting the water to go down can be difficult if you don’t know what is blocking it.

Contact KS and we send a fully-trained and experienced emergency plumber to identify the cause of the blockage and get your toilet working again quickly.

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