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KS Gas are fully qualified Gas Fitters and operate a complete Gas Fitting service in Greater London, Essex, North Kent, East Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our fully trained and gas safe engineers are your number one choice for gas fitting, repairs and servicing.

We are a specialist gas fitting service company, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you'd expect from a leader in the field. Our aim is to provide you with a competitive price for a service that meets your needs fully, while maintaining our dedication to customer service. Get in touch for a free quote to see how we can help you.

Gas Fireplace Installation Service

If you need a gas fireplace installation, want a new cooker fitted or a gas boiler repaired, you should contact Gas Safe registered plumbers like KS to take care of the job.

Depending on the work that needs to be done, you might find it difficult to find a gas fitter that meets the standards you expect whilst giving you a good value for money. You won’t have that problem with KS Gas, Heating and Plumbing as all our gas fitters are fully-trained, registered and accredited.

We also have comprehensive insurance policies so we have you covered for your peace of mind.

Gas Fitter Information

Gas fitters are in charge of the installation, sizing, testing, adjusting and servicing involved with natural gas and propane appliances from residential furnaces to industrial boilers. A plumber gas fitter certification is needed to perform any work on appliances exceeding 400,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s).

Gas fitters that are employed by utility companies work to repair and extend gas mains, and install, repair and service pipes and fittings between mains and buildings. Those gas fitters who are hired by propane distributors service and install propane vaporisers, propane metering and dispensing equipment, propane pumping equipment and temporary heating equipment.

Those gas fitters that are hired by mechanical and service companies install and maintain appliances and piping in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The duties of gas fitters include:

  • Determining the type and size of pipe, equipment, appliance and devices to use
  • Testing and selecting the right piping and materials
  • To fit and assemble pipes using tools
  • Installation of vents and flues and connecting gas-consuming appliances
  • Servicing and replacing defective equipment or parts
  • Starting up and adjusting the new or repaired equipment
  • Preparing reports of the services and works carried out

As well as this, gas fitters can install and repair underground gas mains and distribution pipes, respond to calls about leaking gas, assist in the investigation of gas fires and explosions, convert motor vehicles or appliances to other fuels (such as propane or natural gas) and installing and servicing propane and natural gas filling stations.

Because gas fitters work under specific conditions and the tasks involved are physically demanding, you need to be sure that you are hiring a fully qualified and trained gas fitter before you let them repair or replace your appliances.


Gas appliances are used in many types of buildings and setting, so it is always useful to be aware of the gas fitting companies in your local area, especially in the case of an emergency. Gas leaks can lead to poisoning and fires; you should contact a gas fitter immediately after discovering a leak as to avoid further damage to your property.

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