Hot Water Cylinders

Many people still have conventional tanks and hot water cylinders in their homes. KS service, repair, replace, upgrade and install these systems. All KS Engineers are fully-trained and fully-qualified - Gas Safe registered and official installers for a variety of brands.

KS Gas is a specialist plumbing company, offering the deep expertise and the high level of customer service you'd expect from experienced plumbers.

Common Faults On Cylinders

  • Burnt out immersion heater.
  • Immersion heater scaled up.
  • Ballcock in tank gets stiff and doesn’t let water in.
  • Corrosion of cylinders.

If you have a fault we can diagnose it in no time and get you back and running.

Hot Water Cylinders

So What Size Hot Water Cylinder Do You Need? Direct Or Indirect?

This varies dependent on certain factors:

  • How big the house
  • How many bathrooms
  • Method of heating
  • People using the water
  • We will design the system so you never run out of hot water

You could always upgrade to a high pressure unvented system!

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used as either the sole heater for a cylinder (direct cylinder type) or as a secondary booster (indirect cylinder type).

An immersion heater is very similar to a kettle heating element and also tends to scale up, burn out the same way to.

Steps can be taken to stop scale in the form of a inline scale reducer. If you have this installed at the same time you will get it at a discounted rate!

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