Swimming Pool Heaters and Boilers for London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties

At KS we offer a wide range of Swimming Pool Heater and Boiler options, covering London, Essex, Kent, Surrey And The Home Counties.

KS Gas Install, Repair and Service all manner of Swimming Pool Boilers, whilst working alongside one of the biggest swimming pool installation companies in the area. We also regularly attend Manufacturers Training Days to make sure we are up to date with all the latest technology in the Swimming Pool Heater and Boiler Field.

Swimming Pool Heater Installation

At KS Gas we offer a wide range of swimming pool heaters and swimming pool boilers for installation. Whether you wish to swap conventional swimming pool heaters on a like-for-like basis, or you wish to convert your system to use a domestic central heating boiler as your swimming pool boiler we can help.

We work with leading swimming pool heater and boiler manufacturers to bring you the best swimming pool boilers in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the Home Counties. We get our pool boilers directly from the manufacturer and main distributors which the general public cannot do meaning we can pass on massive savings to you our customers.

Convert Your System To Use A Domestic Heating Boiler

With modern technology being what it is a great option is now available to save you money on swimming pool boiler maintenance. Conventional swimming pool boilers are very expensive, taking up a lot of space and sourcing parts can be very difficult. Parts tend to be really expensive in comparison to domestic heating boilers.

If you decide to fit a swimming pool heat exchanger you can fit a domestic central heating boiler to the system. This would mean that you would save on maintenance in the future with more widely available and less expensive parts. Also if you ever did need to replace the boiler it would be cheap in comparison with replacing a conventional swimming pool boiler.

Swimming Pool Boiler Repair and Service

Like any gas appliance it is important to carry out a yearly service and safety check on your swimming pool heater. It is also law to carry out a safety check on tenanted properties once a year as a minimum.

At KS Gas we have great rates on swimming pool boiler services and gas safety inspections, and when it comes to repairs there’s no better team than KS Gas.

With our good relationships with local and national suppliers we have parts delivered in no time. Some gas fitters will say parts are not available, this is usually not the case – they most likely don’t have the contacts or know where to look.

We also attend manufacturers fault finding courses on a regular basis, this keeps our skills up and informs us of common faults. This all results in us saving you time and money.

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